DCS Kolour Dye is a translucent, UV-stable dye, formulated using color designed to penetrate cementitious surfaces.  These dyes create unique, multi-colored translucent color schemes that will not crack, chip or peel.  They are available in 20 standard colors but can be combined to create an unlimited color palette that creates a similar mottling or marbleized effect which used properly.  Kolour Dye is recommended for most cured, unsealed interior and exterior concrete substrates.  Do not apply to a floor that has been sealed prior until all sealer has been completely removed.

We also carry Ameripolish products for polished concrete.  We carry the Surelock dye and a few other products (listed below) to use in the system.

Products We Stock:

  • Interior / Exterior Kolour Dyes

  • Ameripolish Surelock Dyes

  • Ameripolish 3D SP

  • Ameripolish SR2

  • Ameripolish 3D HSL Densifier

*See our KOLOUR DYE Color Chart for colors.

*See SURELOCK Color Chart for colors.

Malay Tan Kolour Dye

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