DCS carries a full line of coatings removers from Franmar "Blue Bear", nox-crete our DCS private label. These products strip glues, mastics, paints and sealers to prep your surface for brand new decorative applications.  We also have several concrete cleaners to clean your concrete from oil, dirt and grime.  This will prep your surface for any new decorative coating.  

Concrete Cleaners

  • Concrete Degreaser

  • Stain Prep (Water-Based Stain Prep)

  • Muriatic Acid

Thinners / Removers

  • Xylene

  • Acetone

  • Denatured Alcohol

  • SOY GEL (Paint Remover)

  • BEAN-E-DOO (Glue & Adhesive Remover)

  • Sealer Stripper (Acrylic Sealer Remover)

  • Concrete Dissolver (Cleaning Tools)

  • Deco-Peel (Acrylic Sealer Remover)

*Check our PRODUCT LITERATURE page for technical data sheets on specific products.

Acrylic Sealer Remover

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