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MAPEI Mapecem Quickpatch

Interior / Exterior, Fast-Setting, High-Flow

Quickpatch is a versitile, fast-setting, cementitious material used for the patching of interior/exterior concrete surfaces, including concrete floors, driveways, sidewalks and concrete pads.  Quickpatch features extraordinary ease of placement with a variable water ratio and outstanding workability.  It is light gray and can be applied from featheredge to 3" for ramping or filling.  That makes it ideal for restoring weathered, damaged concrete surfaces to a uniform, superior-wearing and better-than-new appearance.  When used for horizontal substrate repair before application of self-leveling underlayments, Quickpatch sets fast for easy and cost-efficient repairs, minimizing job-site turnaround time.

Mapecem Quickpatch Data Sheet

MAPEI Concrete Renew & Renew Fine

Exterior, Cementitious Concrete Resurfacers

Concrete Renew and Renew Fine (the fine-grade version) are one-component, polymer-modified cementitious materials for the resurfacing of existing concrete.  They are suitable for broom finishes and decorative trowel finishes on sidewalks, driveways, steps and anywhere that has exposed concrete.  Each product features a natural light gray color that provides a uniform, like-new look to concrete surfaces.  

Concrete Renew Data Sheet

Concrete Renew Fine Data Sheet


Spraytop is a one-component, polymer-modified, decorative resurfacer.  Spraytop can be used on any sound, stable concrete surface both vertical and horizontal to provide unique textured surfaces to pool decks, patios, sidewalks and driveways.


  • Textured Skip-Trowel Finish

  • Thin-Build Stampable Topping

  • Resurfacing of old concrete retaining walls

  • For use where slip resistance is required

  • For use where cooler walking surfaces are required

  • For use on balconies for light foot traffic

Super-Krete S-300 Super-Quik

A two-component, fast-setting concrete repair mixture.  Super-Quik sets in 5 minutes and will accept heavy vehicle traffic in as little as 15 minutes.  Super-Quik is not affected by rain, freezing temperatures; heat or other adverse conditions and will set up in contact with, or submerged in, water.  It can be installed at any depth and feather edged to a zero thickness.


  • Highways

  • Structural Concrete Repair

  • Basements

  • Spall Repairs

  • Swimming Pools

  • On-grade / Vertical / Overhead Repairs

  • Curb / Sidewalk

  • Freezer Floors

  • Structural Crack Repair

Super-Quik Data Sheet

Super-Krete Bond-Kote

Bond-Kote is the ultimate concrete repair, resurfacing and texturing product all-in-one!  Bond-Kote virtually eliminates the need to remove and replace old, damaged concrete.  It is a ready-mix formula, just add water.  Use Bond-Kote for crack treatments, curb and gutter repair, sidewalk resurfacing, driveway resurfacing and anywhere else there is concrete.

Bond-Kote Data Sheet

Super-Krete Micro-Bond

Micro-Bond is made especially for micro-topping.  This cementitious product contains extremely fine sands to create a smoother finish.  Micro-Bond is the smart solution for repairing and resurfacing concrete interior floors, countertops and decorative art surfaces.  

Micro-Bond Data Sheet

S-7000 Underlayment

This is a dry, pre-blended, ready-mixed cementitious product which is mixed with water only and is used as a leveling, re-grading and sub-floor material over concrete and wood substrates.  S-7000 can be installed in any thickness ranging from 0"-6".  It can achieve strengths of 8,500 psi, yet remain flexible and resilient.  S-7000 is typically used for underlayment over existing concrete surfaces and above-grade wood decks.  It is also used for structural repairs of bridges, parking structures and many other cementitious substrates.


  • Interior / Exterior Applications

  • Bridges

  • Parking Structures

  • Sidewalks

  • Anti-skid Textures

  • Filling Spalls & Low Spots

  • Re-grading / Re-sloping

  • On-grade / Vertical / Overhead Repairs

  • Balconies

  • Structural Concrete Repairs

S-7000 Underlayment Data Sheet

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