DCS Acid Stains are a chemical reactive stain that will permanently transform plain concrete into a unique and variegated look.  There is a wide range of earth-tone colors available to help your surface blend in or stand out from it's surroundings.  

DCS Water-Based Stains are a unique line of non-acidic polymer bonded stains that penetrate into the concrete surface.  They produce vibrant long-lasting UV-resistance stains that enhance any concrete surface.  Water-Based Stains have a larger color palette ranging from bright yellows and blues to your earth tones like cola and brown.  Water-Based Stains are "green" earth-friendly products and work great on jobs where acid stains are not appropriate and when odor is an issue.


  • Brings new life to old concrete

  • Creates a mottled / variegated finish

  • Allows endless design freedom

  • Unlimited palette of design options

  • Affordable alternative to other flooring

  • Enhances any decor

*Check our COLOR CHARTS page for different concrete stain options.

Cola WB Stain
Dk Brown WB Stain
Dk Green WB Stain
Walnut Acid Stain (Diluted 5:1 w/ water)
Walnut Acid Stain (Diluted)
w/ Malay Tan Border
Rust Brown Acid Stain

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