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Buddy Rhodes is a top manufacturer of concrete countertop materials.  If you are looking for a unique and updated look, concrete countertops might be for you!  There are endless options for technique and color to match your environment.  Click on the link below for all of the different Buddy Rhodes techniques.

Buddy Rhodes Catalog of Products & Techniques

Buddy Rhodes Products We Carry:

  • Buddy Rhodes Countertop Mix

  • Buddy Rhodes Ultra-Fine Pigment

  • BR Penetrating Sealer / Satin Sealer

  • BR Beeswax

  • BR Water Reducer

  • BR Scrim / BR Glass Fiber

  • BR Liquid Polymer

Other Countertop Products We Carry:

  • Edge Forms (Styrofoam)

  • Edge Forms (Re-usable Rock Edge)

  • Polishing Pads (Wet & Dry)

  • Backer Pads

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